Sleep Out: Executive Edition 2019 - Sleep Out: Executive Edition 2019
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On November 21 st I will sleep on the ground with just a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard and
every chance of inclement weather in support of the youth who are homeless, trafficked or at
risk at Covenant House Toronto.
Sounds crazy, right? Not nearly as crazy as this: on any given night in Canada, there may be at
least 6,000 homeless youth on the street. So, a group of brave and motivated people (including
me for the 2nd year) are doing something about it.
We’re going to spend a night on the street so that the youth at Covenant House Toronto can
ignite their potential. We will hear their stories, and learn how they’re reclaiming their lives. At
night, as we settle in to our sleeping bags on the cold, hard ground, we know we will soon go
home to familiar surroundings. That knowledge makes the night bearable, but at the same time
reinforces all that homeless youth do not have.
We’re sleeping outside to help the youth at Covenant House ignite their potential and reclaim
their lives. Please help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation on my page.

Sleep Out: Executive Edition is a unique experiential event that will be taking place on the streets of Toronto.  I will be one of the many men and women, from across different industries, who will do whatever it takes to fight for youth who are homeless, trafficked, or at-risk.

I truly hope that I can once again rely upon your support to sponsor me for this 

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On any given night in Canada, there may be at least 6000 homeless youth on the street. Covenant House helps youth ignite their potential and reclaim their lives. As Canada’s largest agency serving youth who are homeless, trafficked or at risk, they offer the widest range of 24-7 services to about 350 young people each day.  

As a national leader, Covenant House educates and advocates for long-term change to improve the lives of vulnerable youth. This includes influencing public policy, leading awareness and prevention programs and continually building and sharing their knowledge. As a learning organization, they strive for excellence and programs with impact.

More than a place to stay, Covenant House provides life-changing care with unconditional love and respect. They meet youth’s immediate needs and then work together with the youth to achieve their future goals. Covenant House offers housing options, health and well-being support, training and skill development, and ongoing care once youth move into the community.

Thanks to their donors, who contribute almost 80 per cent of their $33 million annual operating budget, Covenant House is able to deliver these comprehensive programs and services.

Since 1982, Covenant House has supported more than 95,000 young people.