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On April 6th, armed with nothing more than a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard, I will take on the challenge of sleeping outside on the streets of Toronto so that homeless youth don’t have to. It will be cold. It will be dark. But for one night I can give up the comforts of home knowing it can bring warmth and brightness to the young people who need it most.

Sleep Out is a unique experiential event that will be taking place in downtown Toronto. I will be one of the many men and women, alongside some influential folks from across different industries who will do whatever it takes to fight youth homelessness. 

Why am I Sleeping Out?

10,000 kids spend some time living on the streets of Toronto each year. For three decades, Covenant House Toronto has offered some 90,000 homeless kids the opportunity and hope to move from a life on the street to a life with a future. There are countless more out there that need our help.

As Canada's largest homeless youth agency, Covenant House Toronto changes lives by providing the widest range of services and support under one roof. A national leader, we educate and advocate for change to help at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth by influencing public policy and delivering prevention and awareness programs. By participating in this event I am doing my small part to make sure the doors stay open for all who need them.


My Goal
$5,000.00 CAD
$35,135.00 CAD
My Honour Roll

  • Joey & Maria D'Addese
    $1,000.00 CAD
  • Randy & Cynthia Armstrong
    $500.00 CAD
  • Jennifer Wardrop and Bob Casper
    $250.00 CAD
  • Anjali Anselm
    $200.00 CAD
  • Behn Conroy
    $200.00 CAD
  • Mark Etherington
    $200.00 CAD
  • Alex Munoz, Paola Ceron, Emily Violetta Munoz and Tiago Alejandro Munoz
    $100.00 CAD
  • Jamie Anglin
    $100.00 CAD
  • Cynthia Bahoshy
  • Debbie De Lang
  • Gail Nyenhuis
  • Gary Mizzi
  • Gita Banks
  • Horst and Kerry Bulau
  • Iliana Lega
  • Jamie Purvis
  • Karena Koh
  • Kathryn Dorman
  • Loree and Jerry Beniuk
  • Mary Giambagno
  • Robert Armstrong
  • Susan Addario
  • Vita & John Bianchi
  • Anonymous
    $100.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $100.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $25.00 CAD
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