About The Free-Them Walk

The Free-Them Freedom Walk is an event to raise awareness and funds to end human trafficking and exploitation in Canada.

This September hundreds of people will gather in the morning at The Hyatt Regency to attend our honorary ceremony and then head outside for a 5KM freedom walk to raise awareness to end exploitation in Canada. 

This year more than 500 attendees are expected to be present, of which will include, civilians, law enforcement, politicians and notable persons from across Canada. 

Hope YOU can join us!

About The Free-Them Freedom Walk
Name:      6th Free-Them Freedom Walk
Where:     The Hyatt Regency Hotel | 370 King St W. Toronto
When:      Saturday, September 22, 2018        

  9:00AM  Registration & Refreshments
10:00AM  Honorary Ceremony
11:30AM  5KM Freedom Walk 

The 5KM Route Click Here

Where Are The Funds Going That Get Raised?!!
This year we are proud to share that all the proceeds raised from The Freedom Walk will be going to combat sex trafficking and a new Supported Housing for Victims of Sex Trafficking being opened by Covenant House Toronto the Fall 2018. 

The new house will provide services in the community for up to 6 girls at a time between the ages of 16 to 24. It will be a place of respite in an unpredictable time. The program will provide for basic necessities, medical care, and court support, safety planning, counselling, and coordinated specialized supports in the community.  This house will be the first of its kind in Toronto, meeting the needs of some of the most at-risk and vulnerable girls.

In 2015 Covenant House established two designated crisis beds, within its existing shelter. The dedicated beds are for young women, ages 16 to 24, experiencing sexual exploitation or trafficking and fleeing their situations of crisis. These beds are the first and only in the city of Toronto.

The beds continue to be used to capacity.  Covenant House‚Äôs experience with having these dedicated beds has identified a need for a more robust crisis and stabilization program.  

The new supportive housing program for victims of sex trafficking will serve the needs of any girl who is fleeing their trafficker and in need of a safe place to stay, to recover from trauma and find pathways to recovery. The home will be low-barrier entry, offer high security and be in a location in Toronto that is not disclosed to the public.  The house will be outfitted with 24/7 professional female staff and state of the art safety features.

To learn more about this incredible program or more about Covenant House Toronto please click here.

All donations made over $10 are eligible to receive a tax receipt.  As all funds are being raised for Covenant House Toronto, donors will receive their tax receipt from Covenant House Toronto directly.