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Team FAQs

How does my team win?

The team score combines athletic points and funds raised.  Teams will be ranked by combining their challenge points with their fundraising points.  There is a maximum of 150 points available.

Points are accumulated at each challenge and account for 2/3 of your team score.  Each of the 10 challenges is worth 10 points.  Therefore, a total of 100 points can be accumulated through physical activity at the event.

Funds raised account for 1/3 of your team score.  There are a maximum of 50 points available to each team through philanthropy.  Fundraising points are awarded as follows:

$10k – 10,999 = 10 points
One additional point for every thousandth of fundraising
($13K - $13,999 = 13 points, $27K - $27,999 = 27 points)
$50K and above = 50 points

Do I have to participate in every challenge?

No.  The event has been designed to provide a mix of full-team and more individual challenges. 

What’s the team criteria?

There must be at least one female team member.
All team members must be 19 years of age or older.
Teams can be comprised of individuals working at your organization, friends, spouses, or clients.

Why Your Company
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