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You work hard and play harder. You don’t walk away from a challenge. You look competition straight in the eye and say “bring it on”. The Covenant House Guts + Glory Team Obstacle Challenge presented by Home Trust is a unique athletic fundraiser, designed to build team spirit and push individual limits.

The Guts

40 teams of 6 will compete in 10 events.  Each element will require your team to work together.  Your team’s athletic prowess and stamina will determine 2/3 of the team’s overall score.  Points will be awarded, egos will rage.

The Glory

The challenge extends beyond the athletic events, we are asking participants to tap into their networks and raise funds to support youth at Covenant House. Teams will fundraise a minimum of $10,000 to participate, and 1/3 of the team’s overall score will be based on their fundraising success.  The more the team raises the better their chances of winning the coveted Guts + Glory trophy!  Knowing that the money raised helps kids at Covenant House makes victory that much sweeter.

Show no mercy. It’s all about guts and glory!

2018 Challenges

Challenge  Decription/Rules
Accenture Walk the Plank Planks of different heights, widths and angles must be traversed by each team member. 
National Bank Heave Ho Throw medicine ball as far as you can.  25 lb for men, 10 lb for women.  There are 5 line markers on the floor.  Each team has 3 minutes to throw the medicine balls, one at a time.  Best score is recorded as the team score.  Any combination of team mates may participate in this challenge
Blackstone Sled of Dread Each team has a weighted sled, particpants go one at a time pulling the sled and then running it back in place.  Each team must make 10 trips, but the team can choose which members participate and how many turns they take.  This is an upper body event that tests grip and endurance like a rope climb but is horizontal. 
CN Tire Tricks Relay format- One at a time each team member will travel through the agility tires to large tires where they will flip it (4 times for men, 2 times for women) .  After flips the athlete will run back and tag next person to go.  Once all 6 team members are down they will all together carry another large tire off the ground together around a cone and back.
Scotiabank Surf the Net Giant nets will be suspended and will need to be traversed by the entire team.  All teammates can be on the net at the same time; it will take cooperation to make it to the otherside without falling off.  If a teammate falls off the net that individual will need to return to the starting point and begin the challenge again.
Texas Fold'em Entire team starts at one end.  One teammates runs along stadium seats and flips them down one after the other, sitting down in each seat until the end of the row.  Then runs up to next row of stadium seats and repeats until reaching end of second row.  Once each teammate is at the end of the first row, the next teammate can start.   Continues until all teammates are back at the starting point.
Wall of Doom Teams must climb over an inverted wall, one person at a time.  Each team member will go over a 6 Foot wall, then ramp, then final 6 foot wall, then sprint back to start to tag next person.  Teammates can assist athlete running but must stay in their own lane and not obstruct other team.
Medivac Run Each team divides into two groups of three.   Each group carries the stretcher across the width of the training area three times, for a total of six trips.  Team members each take turns being the “patient.”  
Monkey Around Three lanes of monkey bars, about 25 feet long with some rest station platforms.  Each team must make up to 10 trips, but the team can choose which members participate and how many turns they take.
Squeeze Play Participants pass through series of tubes, then hurdles through the obstacle course of vault blocks varying from 2.5' to 4.5' in height.  Tag team format.



How much do I have to raise?

Covenant House asks that each team commit to raising a minimum of $10,000 (less than $2,000 per team member) – it is as easy as sending a few e-mails and we will provide templated messaging.  Covenant House Toronto is here to support your fundraising efforts.  Please contact scarcao@covenanthouse.ca for assistance.

Fundraising Incentives

Our sponsors want you to go a bit further in your fundraising and have sweetened the pot. If you raise $100 or more as an individual by asking your network to donate, you will qualify for a reward.

If you donate to yourself, in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, you might not be eligible for a tax receipt if you choose to receive a prize for your donation.

You have the option to forgo your reward and maximize your impact to Covenant House Toronto. This saves expenses leaving more funds available to help our youth.

All prizes will be distributed after the event. Just another way for you to bask in the glory of having completed the ultimate competition for a great cause.

Fundraising Tips (printable resource)


How do I sign up a team?

Register your team here and invite up to 5 others to join you.  Teams can be comprised of co-workers, friends, spouses, clients, etc.
At least one member of each team must be female.
Act quickly as space is limited.

How much do I have to raise?

Covenant House asks that each team commit to raising a minimum of $10,000 (less than $2,000 per team member) – it is as easy as sending a few e-mails and we will provide templated messaging.  Covenant House Toronto is here to support your fundraising efforts.  Please contact scarcao@covenanthouse.ca for assistance.

What happens if we don't raise $10,000?

$10,000 is the starting line for teams to compete at the event on February  7th.  Commitments must be made by February 1st and we can accommodate for pledges that will arrive after the event.

How does my team win?

The team score combines athletic points and funds raised.  Teams will be ranked by combining their challenge points with their fundraising points.  There is a maximum of 150 points available.

Points are accumulated at each challenge and account for 2/3 of your team score.  Each of the 10 challenges is worth 10 points.  Therefore, a maximum total of 100 points can be accumulated through physical activity at the event.

Funds raised account for 1/3 of your team score.  There are a maximum of 50 points available to each team through philanthropy.  Fundraising points are awarded as follows:

$10k – 10,999 = 10 points
One additional point for every thousand dollars raised
($13K - $13,999 = 13 points, $27K - $27,999 = 27 points)
$50K and above = 50 points

Do I have to participate in every challenge?

No.  The event has been designed to provide a mix of full-team and more individual challenges. 

What’s the team criteria?

There must be at least one female team member.
All team members must be 19 years of age or older.
Teams can be comprised of individuals working at your organization, friends, spouses, clients, etc.

Will there be food and drink available?

Yes – we will feature food prepared by youth in Covenant House's Cooking For Life program.  There will be small fuel-up stations and lots of hydration available throughout the event.  After the competition wraps up, participants will enjoy the Awards Ceremony and Reception with “street-style” food stations.

Are spectators allowed?

Each participating team and sponsor will receive a limited amount of spectator wristbands.  Spectators can enjoy the food and beverage, cheer on as your team competes and stay for the Awards Ceremony and Reception. 

What should I bring?

Comfortable athletic wear. Each team member will be provided with an athletic shirt and numbered badge, however teams are encouraged to wear their own corporate branded t-shirts during the challenge.
5 others who inspire you to be the best and who share in your passion to help homeless youth.
Boundless energy.

What is the schedule?

5pm Registration and Change Rooms Open
5-6pm Pre-competition snacks available
6pm SHARP Opening Ceremonies and Group Photo
6:15pm Competition Begins
8:45pm After Party and Awards Ceremony

Will you provide parking?

Parking is not provided for the event.  There is parking available close to the venue.

Locatoin map

How do I get there?

Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre, formerly Maple Leaf Gardens, is located at 50 Carlton Street.  College subway station is steps away.

Is there a place to change/store my stuff?

Yes, changing facilities are available and StorageVault Canada Inc. will be providing secure storage for valuables. 

Organizing Committee


Andrew Lapham | Chairman - Blackstone Canada

Andrew is responsible for Blackstone’s investment opportunities throughout Canada. Andrew was previously with Onex Partners in its large cap private equity business where he led the firm’s energy investing practice and was involved with multiple transactions across other industries. Andrew is a Community Member of the Covenant House Board of Directors, and this is his third year as the Guts + Glory Event Chair.

Sarah Armstrong | Litigation Partner - Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Sarah Armstrong is a litigation partner at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP. Sarah is an experienced litigator with a broad litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution practice with a focus on complex commercial and contractual disputes and class actions. Sarah is the Vice-Chair of Fasken Martineau’s Ontario Litigation Department and is Chair of the firm’s Arbitration Practice Group.

Andrew Imrie | Executive Director, Planning & Development - Cineplex

Andrew is an Executive Director in the Planning & Business Development team at Cineplex Entertainment. Prior to joining Cineplex he worked in the Assurance and Business Advisory Services team at PwC.


Phil Lucchese | Managing Director & Head of Financial Sponsors - TD


Andrew Matheson | Partner - McCarthy Tetrault

Andrew is a partner at McCarthy Tetrault. He specializes in securities litigation, white collar and regulatory defence and cross-border matters. Andrew’s exercise consists of trying to keep up with his three sons and participating in Guts + Glory.


Sharon Matthews | Manager - Accenture

Sharon is a Manager in the Customer and Channels Consulting practice at Accenture, based in Toronto. She has worked primarily with retail and transit industry clients with a focus on customer experience and process optimization.


Ben Mulroney | Anchor & TV Host - CTV

With a history degree from Duke University and a law degree from Laval University, Ben Mulroney is a veteran journalist with more than 17 years of experience at Bell Media. Mulroney is host of CTV’s YOUR MORNING and is also in his 16th year with ETALK, a series he has helped develop into Canada's most-watched entertainment newsmagazine. Mulroney works closely with a number of charitable organizations in Toronto and across Canada.


Steve Schlesak | Operations Manager- Uber

Steve is Senior Manager at Uber Canada in Business Operations. His career to date has been spent in various roles in the technology sector including business development, technical operations, and strategy.
Mr. Schlesak holds an MBA from University of Southern California and a BSc. from McGill University.

Jodie Wallis | Managing Director, Financial Services + Canadian AI Lead - Accenture

Jodie is a Global Client Account Leader who works with financial services companies to shape and deliver business innovation, operational strategies and technology solutions. She is also the head of Accenture Canada's AI practice, responsible for bringing innovation and global AI expertise to Canadian clients across all industries.