On November 17th, a group of business and community leaders gave up one good night’s sleep to raise awareness of the plight of homeless youth and funds to help Covenant House Toronto provide life-changing services.

2016 celebrates the 5th annual Sleep Out: Executive Edition and by reaching this year’s goal to raise $1,000,000 in one night, we have raised $5,000,000 in five years of executive and next generation sleep outs! 94% of all funds raised go directly to Covenant House Toronto programs.


This experiential event provides insight into the challenges faced by homeless kids in Canada every night. An estimated 70% are fleeing abuse or neglect, 31% have been involved in some form of the sex trade, and more than 40% have been involved with the child welfare system.  Up to 40% identify with the LGBTQ community and homeless youth experience mental health issues at as much as five times the rate of youth nationally. 

At the event executives met some of the kids that stay at Covenant House and heard their stories. They saw that they are kids just like any other kid - they have hopes and dreams that you can help them achieve. To learn more about the event, please visit “EVENT DETAILS”

For more information, please contact Stacey Carcao, Manager, Special Events 416-204-7088 or  


We are delighted to welcome back Jeffrey Orridge as our Honorary Co-Chair for the 2016 Sleep Out: Executive Edition. Jeffrey is the 13th Commissioner of the Canadian Football League. A leading executive with a lifelong passion for sport and more than 20 years’ experience building major brands and businesses, he has a track record of taking properties to new levels of success. He is happy to support the kids at Covenant House.

It is with great pleasure we welcome Kirstine Stewart as our Honorary Co-Chair for the 2016 event. Kirstine is the Chief Strategy Officer for Diply, a content platform with over 1 billion monthly views and 34m US unique monthly visitors. Kirstine was until Fall 2016 the VP of Media overseeing Twitter's North American media partnerships across all verticals, including television, sports, gaming, news and music. Previously, she served as Managing Director for Twitter Canada, leading Canadian operations and advertising business and partnerships. Prior to joining Twitter in May 2013, Kirstine was the executive vice president of CBC’s English services, CBC/Radio-Canada, where she oversaw the network’s English-language radio, television and digital programming and operations. Most recently, Kirstine was named to Macleans most powerful Canadians, two places behind Justin Trudeau, Toronto Life placed her on their most influential Torontonians and was on Canadian Business Magazine's top 50 business people in 2015. She is also author of the best selling Business book “Our Turn”.

Event Goal
$1,000,000.00 CAD
$1,066,555.78 CAD
Top Fundraisers
1 - Paul Rivett
$130,325.00 CAD
2 - Mike George
$43,975.00 CAD
3 - Bruce Shewfelt
$40,130.00 CAD
4 - Bruce Sonnenberg
$37,775.00 CAD
5 - Doug Mizzi
$36,678.39 CAD
6 - Dan Coldwell
$36,570.00 CAD
7 - Matt Picken
$32,590.00 CAD
8 - Dan McGrath
$31,000.00 CAD
9 - Jawad Rathore
$30,955.00 CAD
10 - Brent Chapman
$30,638.00 CAD
11 - Bill Schlich
$29,211.00 CAD
12 - Duncan Hannay
$27,903.00 CAD
13 - Paula Courtney
$26,990.00 CAD
14 - John Young
$25,186.00 CAD
15 - Stephen Taylor
$22,750.00 CAD